This is the second book in a five-book series (TombQuest) by acclaimed author Michael Northrop.

Synopsis Edit

Amulet Keepers
TQ cover2
Vital statistics
Author Michael Northrop
Illustrator Unknown
Published on 28th April 2015
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Publication order
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Book Of The Dead Valley Of Kings

From the team that brought you The 39 Clues and Spirit Animals comes a brand new epic Egyptian adventure!

The adventure continues in Book 2!

When Alex's mother uses the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead to bring him back from the brink of death, she inadvertently summons a slew of other spirits from the underworld. In Book 2, Alex and his best friend Ren head to London, where people are going missing, treasures are disappearing, and a blood rain is pouring from the skies. Can they stop a powerful Death Walker from destroying the city?

Read the book, then continue the adventure online! Build an Egyptian tomb of your own, hide treasure and protect it with traps, then challenge your friends to play through!

  • The Amulet on the cover is Ren's amulet.

Summary Edit

Strange things are happening in London. Red rain is flooding the streets. People are going missing. And someone's opening graves in Highgate Cemetery . . .

Only Alex and his best friend, Ren, suspect the truth: a Death Walker, a powerful ancient Egyptian evil, is behind the chaos. Their quest to bring him down takes them from New York to London, and from the land of the living to the deep underground tombs of the long dead. Will they be in time to stop the Death Walker before he gets too powerful . . . or will the tombs claim them, too?

Read the book, then continue the adventure online! Build an Egyptian tomb of your own, hide treasure and protect it with traps, then challenge your friends to break in.

Sneak Peek Edit

Chapter 1: Dead Man Walking Edit

A large figure descended the steep slope of Swain's Lane in north London. The man's features were old, but his frame was strong and he moved in long, sure strides. Each step of his heavy, old boots brought him closer to the slumbering neighborhood below. The warm summer night was dark out here so far from the city's glittering center. The man brushed one heavy hand against the tall black fence posts as he passed.

Thick fingernails struck old iron: Tik tik tik!

On the other side lay a very old cemetery, built into the hillside. He looked in at the moss-shrouded grounds with ink-dark eyes: considering, remembering. The cemetery was mostly full now, had been since World War I. It was a sleepy place. Deathly place. Tik tik tik! He let his hand drop. The fence ended; the village began.

The man moved more quietly now, like a cat settling in for the hunt. The first little houses appeared, huddled close together, their windows dark. A few moments later, he saw light up ahead, movement. The faintest hint of a smile formed on his death-parched lips.

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