Also called a Tombkeeper.

Avatars are what you look like in the TombQuest game. You can choose your gender, appearance, and attire. Avatars are named within the usual Scholastic format. You choose a first name from a list, and for a surname, 2 lists are provided. By choosing one from both lists, the two meld into one surname. Then, the first and last name are strung together to create one name, such as Zoe Clawdrifter, or Gavens Darkscar. 

There are several different ways you can customize your Avatar. Hair Style, Hair Color, Nose Type, Eye Type, Eye Color, Eyebrows, Hats, Clothes, Skin Color, and Emotion. 

Hair Styles Edit

Hair Styles

Hair Colors Edit

Hair Colors

Nose Types Edit


Eye Types Edit


Eye Color Edit

Missing Picture

Eyebrows Edit

Missing Picture

Hats Edit

Icon Name Unlock
Headdress Icons

Headdress (Male and female)

Enter code TOMBREWARD during or before Beta
Adventurer Hat Icons
Adventurer Hat (Male and female) Default
Explorer Hat Icons
Explorer Hat (Male and female) Default
Dino hat icon
Dino Buy the Dino Bundle in the shop
Bearded Gnome Icon
Bearded Gnome

Buy the Gnome Bundle in the shop

Gnome Icon
Gnome Buy the Gnome Bundle in the shop
Zombie Hat Icon
Zombie Buy the Zombie Bundle  in the Shop
Pharoah Hat icons
Pharaoh (Male and Female) Add Book 1 to your account
King Icon
King Add Book 2 to your account
Queen Hat Icon

Add Book 2 to your account

Royal Guard Hat Icons
Royal Guard (Male and female) Add Book 2 to your account

Clothes Edit

Icon Name Unlock
Adventurer  Default
Explorer Default
Casual Friday Default
Casual Thursday Default

Early Adopter

Enter code EARLYBIRDS during Beta
Gnome Buy the Gnome Bundle in the shop
Dino Buy the Dino Bundle in the shop
Zombie Buy the Zombie Bundle in the shop
Pharaoh (Male and female) Add Book 1 to your account
King Add Book 2 to your account
Queen Add Book 2 to your account
Royal Guard Add Book 2 to your account

Skin Color Edit

Missing Picture

Emotion Edit

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sad 
  • Angry
  • Surprised

Pinkypuma18's avatar

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