The Death Walkers are the main antagonists of TombQuest. When the mother of Alex Sennefer uses The Lost Spells to bring her son back from the brink of death, she not only does that, she also releases The Death Walkers. Explanation: According to legend, the Death Walkers were a group of evil men with strong spirits. They knew they would fail the weighing of the heart, so after death, they used their powerful wills to cling to the edge of the afterlife there they remain, the tales say, struggling to hang on and desperately waiting for an opportunity to escape.

Known Death Walkers

  • The Stung Man
  • Willaboughy 
  • Akhnotra
  • Name: UNKNOWN   Who is this mysterious Death Walker ? We may never know.

Known Order members

  • Al-Dab`u (Hyena mask)
  • Ta-mesa (Crocodile mask)
  • Peshwar (Lioness mask)
  • Aff Neb (Fly mask)
  • The Order's Leader-Amir Sennefer (Vulture mask)(Alex Sennefer's father)