The Early Explorers is the name given to the fifty lucky TombQuesters who commented on a thread by Jon Z. to give them early access to the TombQuest Beta Game. The game will be launched on 12/15/14, but the Early Explorers will get access on 12/1/14.

List of Early Explorers Edit

climbingmystery19 aka Does Not Have MB Name

analyzingwizard7 aka Chai

epicpegasus39 aka Hazel

dragonsunrise7 aka Hazil Goldenbrook (On SA)

cerberushorse19 aka Hazil WindMane/Tarik RiverTrainer

pegasuscat188 aka Pegasuscat

uniquepegasus11 aka Ebony

fairyemerald31 aka Melanie

fightingphoenix422 aka Dan cahill (not really) Rollan (not really) callum (not really) alex (not really) all (really)

tigerclaws217 aka Tigress

crimsonsphinx14 aka Does Not Have MB Name

authorapollo6 aka Sparkie

lavendersprite21 aka Graice Swiftaura (On SA)

lazydog10 aka [ ]

dreamtimedetermined14 aka Scotland

sparklyturquoise11 aka Elaia

pegasustornado28 aka Meg

tigerclaws384 aka [ ]

dragonflyamber78 aka Dario

moonlightscientist7 aka EMC

cobrahydra465 aka [ ]

icewarrior10 aka [ ]

athleticjungle12 aka [ ]

risingtiger10 aka [ ]

centaurminotaur14 aka [ ]

dragonsapphire90 aka Elise

adventurebeliever5 aka the AB5 Team: Jonathan, Vanessa, and Asia

winterraven57 aka Jade (Usual account is JadeFire62, but she was banned for a week)

dragonflying601 aka Leo

jadefire62 aka Jade

tigermermaid18 aka Merleah

dancelion21 aka Lion

heatwaveleprechaun13 aka [ ]

beigebutterfly111 aka [ ]

purplepixie180 aka Gabi

dragondog757 aka [ ]

rainelf13 aka [ ]

emeraldanubis36 aka Conor

catamber1119 aka [ ]

ravendragon336 aka [ ]

stormbreeze48 aka Storm

zeusposeidon129 aka ZeusPoseidon, ZP, or Hallie

tigersaga37 aka [ ]

racoonwave4 aka Saber Qahill

adventurechasing443 aka [ ]

frostraven71 aka [ ]

puppyfangs58 aka [ ]

blizzardbear130 aka [ ]

redopal21 aka Opal

midnightbloodhound11 aka [ ]

Responsibilities Edit

The Early Explorers were asked to beta-test the game, to see if they could find any bugs and to review it for the mods before the launch on December 15th. The full list of questions to answer and more explanation can be found here.

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