The Order is the evil organization that wants the Lost Spells for itself. It is headed by five people. Each is revealed in a book, and they all wear masks that give them immense powers, just like the Amulets worn by the Amulet Keepers.

Al-Dab'u Edit

Al-Dab'u is the first Order member Alex and Ren meet.

Ta Mesah Edit

Peshwar Edit

Peshwar has the ability to strike bolts at her targets, killing them. She is introduced in Valley of Kings.

Af Neb Edit

Af Neb's mask allows him to control flies, which makes him great at spying and tracking the Amulet Keepers to Minyahur, where Dr Maggie Bauer is suspected to be hiding in The Stone Warriors.

The Leader (Amir Sennefer) Edit

The leader of the Order wears a vulture mask which allows him to control the actions of those around him. He is Maggie Bauer's estranged husband and Alex's dad. This is revealed in The Stone Warriors.

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