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  • I live in Maryland, y'all
  • My occupation is MBer, Wattpader, girl, person
  • I am gorgeous
  • ElaiaMitzerotzi

    Early Access!

    November 25, 2014 by ElaiaMitzerotzi

    Congratulations to anyone who made it into the EARLY ACCESS for the TombQuest game! The complete list of users can be found at the bottom of 

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  • ElaiaMitzerotzi

    Hey, everyone. Firstoff, I'm Elaia, and I'm kind of new to this wiki. I already know Chai, of course. Nice to meet you if we haven't talked yet!

    Secondly, this wiki looks really great so far! You can tell a lot of work was put into it, and it looks amazing. Nice work, all!

    I hope we can talk soon! xoxo

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